Why I’m not happy with state of electricity and poverty in Nigeria – President Buhari

President Buhari has revealed that he is not satisfied with Nigeria’s capacity for power production.

According to him, I’m not satisfied with the country’s capacity for electricity production because I identify that no country can develop without infrastructure and infrastructure means road, rail and power.

This government is working very hard on the road. Try to imagine what is happening between Lagos to Ibadan six months ago and what it is now.

We are doing our from Lagos to Kano by rail, road from here to Kaduna to Kano. So we have to get the infrastructure right and then Nigerians will mind their own business. But when the infrastructure is not there, the roads are not there, the rail is virtually killed, no power, what do we expect people to do.

When asked if he was concerned about the number of people who are unable to feed themselves under his rule.

He said, “I’m absolutely aware of it, but like I said, look at the vast population of Nigerians, only 2.5% of the land revenue is being cultivated.

“We realized this rather too late, but we have to go back to the land (agriculture).”

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