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Mother laments after being disowned by children for choosing TikTok over them (video)

Woman expresses concern after being disowned by her children whom she chose as her secondary source of happiness while devoting her love for the social media platform, TikTok.

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According to the aged mother in question, her grown children disapproves of her devotion to the platform, leaving her with the option to choose between them or the platform.

The mother who claims to get joy from using the platform, however, picked Tiktok over her children, which was a huge trigger for her wards.

“My children don disown me, they say I should choose Tiktok or them. I no no the own I go choose. But as all of them no dey na, me I choose tiktok. Na hin dem go report to Reverend father say their mama don dey mad. I no understand; una dey where una dey, una dey get your happiness. I say I choose tiktok where I dey get my happiness …,” she said in part.

Watch the video below …

In the other news, It can be recalled that last year Grammy award-winning singer, Burna boy pushed down an overzealous fan who climbed the stage despite the singer warning not to jump on stage during his concerts. Read here

In a recent viral video, the unlucky fan who was pushed down stage can be seen, proclaiming his love and admiration for the ‘Ye’ crooner.

The obsessed fan has further said that he hasn’t changed the shirt he was wearing that day the singer pushed him down stage which all goes to show his undying admiration for the singer.

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