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“Respect his privacy” – Nigerians react as blogger plans to reveal the identity of Kizz Daniel’s baby mama

Popular Nigerian undercover blogger has come under fire on social media after he announced plans to uncover and reveal the identity of Kizz Daniel’s baby mama.

The blogger told his fans to expect something from his Instagram page as he will unveil the mother of Kizz Daniel’s twins that he has been keeping away from social media and his fans.

The post reads:

“Hello tueh tueh , you wanna know their mother??? Why Kizz Dey hide am like palliative 😂😂😂 GLB ready to open masquerade cloth oooo, shall we????😂 I no pour you water ooo, I come in peace”

Reacting to this, Nigerians expressed their displeasure in his move and they made it clear that they are not in support of his move and scolded him. They told him to respect other people’s privacy.

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