‘Time Traveller’ Reveals Three Major Dates In 2022 Everyone Should Look Out For And What Will Happen On Those Dates

A self-described time traveller who has sensationally claimed to have knowledge about what happens in the future has made dubious predictions about 2022.

In a video, the “time traveller” gave some new dates for people to put in their diaries which he insists will make people believe he is indeed a time traveller.

He says: “I have been thought of as a fake time-traveller for too long, so remember these three major dates in early 2022.

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“March 11 – the first human has a child with a chimpanzee, it can talk and has mixed features.

April 19 – a new covid strain ‘omega’ emerges, five times worse than all other versions.

“September 17 – the largest creature is discovered in the ocean, called the Cerine Croin, over four times the size of the blue whale.”

His video has gone viral with some mocking his predictions and other revealing they will be monitoring those dates to see how genuine his predictions are.

In the other news, President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that he looks forward to when he will be “less busy” as his age is telling on him.Read here

Speaking in an interview on NTA, the Nigerian leader who recently turned 79, expressed hope of Nigerians appreciating all he did at the end of his tenure.

“The age is telling on me, working now for six, seven to eight hours per day in the office is no joke — there are questions of executive council, memos from as many states as possible to be considered virtually every week.

Really, it’s a lot of hard work, but as I’ve said, I asked for it and I cannot complain.

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