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Where Can I Buy A Whare House To Keep The Man – Toke Makinwa To A Troll Who Questioned Why She Can’t Keep A Man

Media personality Toke Makinwa has savagely asked a troll who questioned her why she can’t keep a man where she can buy a whare house to keep the man that come her way.

The romantic relationship life of Toke Makinwa can not be defined but some people believe she can’t keep a man because her previous marriage didn’t last and this troll commenting on a post of hers gathered the courage to ask her.

The troll commented asking how come Toke Makinwa is beautiful but can’t keep a man with all the money and wealth she has attained for herself, claiming maybe she needs to work on the attitude as it might be the cause.

Toke Makinwa replying to that was savage by asking the troll and all others who think the same way where she can get a whare house to buy and keep the man that comes her way as she’s tired of being asked that.

Such questions are very disrespectful and moreover, no one keeps a man because a man who wants to stay will stay and a man who doesn’t want to stay will never stay no matter what the woman does to keep him.

screenshot below;

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