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Why Shaffy Bello doesn’t regret leaving her kids for her acting career

Nigerian actress, Shaffy Bello is a mother who admitted she never wanted to be one, even though she has 2 children.

The 50-year-old actress revealed that leaving her family behind was a huge sacrifice that cost her her marriage as the long-distance affected the union and resulted in a divorce.

According to her, When she and her husband split up, she chose to give him primary custody and traveled back to Nigeria.

“I came back to Nigeria to spread my wings, I felt like I was pregnant and could not have a child just like my wings were sort of closed in and I was boxed in.

“I needed more, my soul needed more, I was yearning for more. I did not know the price that will come with it but I had to make the sacrifice. I paid the price of not having a connection with my children then. My daughter was 13, my son was 11 before I left them.

“But before that, at some point, I quit my job to raise my kids, I sacrificed a lot for them to be nurtured just to leave them in their early teenage years with their father.

Is Shaffy Bello a brave woman who is confident enough to do what she wants and not bow to cultural expectations?

Or is she a selfish mother who is somehow “unnatural,” the word her critics have used to vilify her. Her husband was supportive of her leaving.

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“I knew I wanted this career, if I go back, it will be too much of a sacrifice, I wouldn’t be myself and at some point, I will resent my husband so I had to focus on what I wanted.

“I judged myself but I thank God he did it for me this way because it is better for me. I don’t care much about what people say about me but I care more about my children and close family.”

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