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Kidnapper reveals how 5 DSS helped him to abduct a victim

A Nigerian man identified as Akeem Ogunnibi has narrated how five officials of the DSS helped him to abduct a businessman.

Akeem who was arrested by Ogun state police force revealed that he kidnapped a Bureau De Change Operator named (Bala) with the help of five Department of State Security operatives, DSS.

According to the suspect, Bala is a friend of his who bought gold chains from his brothers, sadly Bala did not pay the money for the chain completely. The chain that Bala bought was worth the sum of N972,000 but Bala paid only the sum of N680,000.

Akeem said that when he confronted Bala about the remaining money, he wasn’t happy about the response Bala gave. So, he decided to call on his friends in the DSS to help teach Bala a lesson.

The suspect disclosed that he approached 5 different DSS officers and proceeded to the office of Bala. They picked Bala up and headed straight to the DSS command in Osogbo.

Akeem revealed that Bala was not even taken to the command, the officers just collected money from him.

He also stated that he was in the car when the negotiation was going on, he did not know that the sum of N210,000 was collected from Bala. The DSS only gave Akeem N15,000 out of the whole money they collected.

While parading the suspect, Ogun state police commissioner stated that the victim was taken to a bush part, the place was along the ilesa road. A ransom was demanded from the victim at the spot, he was also searched thoroughly. The Kidnappers were able to find the sum of N204,000 at the spot which they took from him.

The commissioner added that the kidnappers later abandoned the victim at the spot after collecting the money from him.

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