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`He begged for leftover food and you recorded him? – Amanda Jissih blasts Mzgee after leaking phone conversation with TT

Former GhOne TV presenter, Amanda Jissih has slammed her colleague, MzGee for recording and leaking a private conversation with veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio into the public domain.

In the said audio, Psalm Adjetefio who is popularly known for his role ‘TT’ in local drama TV series, ‘Taxi Driver’, was heard begging Mzgee for leftover food in her kitchen if she has some to spare.

Psalm Adjeteyfio made this call probably through his Whatsapp voice note as he reached out to Mzgee to come to his aid crying out that times are very hard for him at the moment.

Explaining the reason for his present predicament, TT said that since it was announced in the media that the Vice President, Bawumia donated GHC50,000 to him, all his benefactors have stop supporting him meanwhile, he used the huge amount of money to invest in something that would yield fruits later probably some years to come.

He said in the audio, “MzGee good afternoon. Am wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare? Reason is you know people who use to help have all withdrawn their help when they heard that the Vice President had given me the money but you will agree with me that such monies you need to invest wisely and that is what I have done and when you make investment too it will take time before you will start enjoying it. Now I was so hopeful that what the Greater Accra Regional Minister promise will be forth coming regularly but it came ones and that all. I was in his office a few days ago as a follow up and I was told that he had traveled and they are on leave,”

“Right now the situation has created a lot of problems for me. You know a lot of people use to help me a lot but now everybody … I even understood that some people had contributed some money in the US for me, the moment they heard it everybody went for his own. Also and the letter the Greater Accra Minister sent to me there was a mention of one McDan that he has given me 5000 but is not true. Recently I contacted one Ga chief that is close to the man and he made me understand that the man actually release the money but when he heard that the Vice President has given that money he also recall his money back so this is the trend . Right now it a bit difficult for me so that is why I am saying if you have some leftovers from your kitchen and you could spare because as it is now, it is really difficult for me. Thank,” TT further explained.

Reacting to this, Amanda Jissih chided MzGee for putting out an information that is only meant to be between the actor and her after the former confided in her.

“He asked for leftovers and you decided to record him ? What for? This is wrong Mzgee. He confided in you. If you cant help him, let him know n end it right there.” she wrote.

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