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“I nearly chop slap that day” Tiwa Savage recounts her encounter with a fan at a beach

Singer Tiwa Savage has had her fair share of bizarre encounters with fans, but she still remembers one, as it was the time some fans could not let her go because they were outrageously demanding some cash giveaway from her.

Tiwa said on that fateful day, she ‘mistakenly’ went to the beach without security escorts and took small amount of money along.

“I went to the beach in Lagos and some fans could not let me go as they hailed me outrageously demanding some cash giveaway from me”.

The singer revealed that she was almost slapped by people presumed to be thugs at the beach.

“One I nearly chop slap that day”.

Sharing a video of some fans who recognized her at the beach event, Tiwa noted that she loves them but from a distance.

Away from Tiwa, One thing I like about Drake is that he’s smart—and has put security measures in place not to allow famewh*res and th*tties to fvck him up.

In a world where th*tties want attention and money from famous males, you got to be extra smart not to fall into the traps of these desperate women.

One Instagram model claims that Drake put hot sauce in his condom after s*x to stop her from stealing his sperm probably to get herself pregnant and claim child support.

Imagine if this famewh*re had gotten hold of Drake’s live sp*rm? Drama upon drama! Smart Drake stopped her by allegedly putting hot sauce in the used cond*m after smashing her.

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