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Tolanibaj touches on why she keeps her personal life under wraps

BBNaija reality show star, Tolanibaj has revealed the real reason why she doesn’t post pictures of her man on social media.

According to her, she would have loved to post the man behind her smiles but he might be the same man behind the smiles of another lady and she wants everybody to smile hence her reason for not posting him.

She also disclosed that sometimes she wants to be vulnerable in love but then she remembers that she’s too selfish to share her man with a slay mama or slay king and she likes peace of mind so she won’t.

Well, judging form her post, one can understand that Lagos men cheat and that is exactly why she has warned ladies to date them at their own risk and even if you date them you can’t show them off because you’re not the only person in their life.

Away from that, Mosun Filani Oduoye, a happily married actress and mother of two, has added her two cents to the hot topic of housemaids and nannies abusing their master’s children while they are abroad, among other athrocities such as stealing.

Commenting on an Instagram post on how an house maid faked her own death to get her employer’s robbed and blackmailed, Mosun revealed she doesn’t let her maid live in the main house or even cook for her.

Read what she wrote below…

“I still maintain my stand…. Dont leave your house/kids in care of a house maid. My house maid doesn’t even cook for me at all, she has her own kitchen and apartment separately. No inconjuction at all. So kosi aiye bull shit o. ” she commented.

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