Why I started eating human meat from a young age – Tribe Leader

They call themselves cannibalism tribe, all they did back in the days was to capture humans and eat them.

The world has taught us that regardless the situation people should be happy that they are alive.

A tribe leader explained that living their culture is the best thing ever happened to them. He exposed that their culture allows them to eat anything that they catch in the wild. To a point were they are also allowed to eat human flesh.

Man explained that although his children never tasted the meat, he got the opportunity as a young man to have a taste, revealing that human meat tastes exactly like a pig meat.

A reporter giving him an interview asked if they have captured a white man before. “Unfortunately not we have never got the opportunity to meet such people here”, he said.

They call themselves cannibalism tribe, all they did back in the days was to capture humans and eat them.

Man explained that they had the opportunity to eat such meat through their parents.

Now that culture has changed their children have not found an opportunity to try such flavor he said.

Away from that, Davido’s former Department Head, Olusegun Ojuola, characterized the singer as a “unique student” who was liked not just for his popularity but also for his personality in an interview with TheCable.

“His stay in school has also been a blessing to some indigent students whom the lord has used David to pay their school fees,” he said.

Since he was a special student, he certainly received special treatment from the school and his lecturers.

Davido will be remembered for his humility and generosity towards everyone around him. The HOD complimented the wealthy young performer’s generosity.

“It’s hard but my teachers understand because they know what I do and they’re fans as well,” Davido once said in an interview.

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