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Singer Speed Darlington reacts furiously as woman calls him ‘rapist’ on Instagram video [video]

“I’m not a foreign person, I was born here (Nigeria). I grew up in Ojo. If I come outside, I’ll carry a weapon”, he told them.

Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington, real name Darlington Okoye, who was arrested last year for having a crusher in his car may be brewing more troubles for himself.
Over the weekend, while engaging in a live video on his Instagram page, two ladies engaged him in a shouting match. One called the musician a “rapist”.

Speed recorded the video walking around the living room while arguing with the duo, both outside his apartment.
The actual location is yet to be ascertained but the artist who used to reside in America currently lives in Lagos.
Speed accused the women of embarrassing him and warned against extreme provocation. Shortly after, he headed to the kitchen and pulled a knife.

“I’m not a foreign person, I was born here (Nigeria). I grew up in Ojo. If I come outside, I’ll carry a weapon”, he told them.

“They continually invade my privacy, opening my window, opening my curtain”, the songwriter informed the audience.

“I’m alone, two people attacking me. If somebody put in my curtain and…(swings the knife), will I be wrong?”
One of the women replied that he was being confronted because “you passed your boundary”.

Watch the video below…

Away from that, The entrepreneur, whose real name is Obi Iyiegbu, was grilled by the NDLEA on Thursday over allegations linking him to an illegal narcotics business.

In an interview with Daddy Freeze, the media personality, the 46-year-old said drug-related business is something he is strongly against.
He also disclosed that he had already made a covenant with God never to indulge in drug-related business.

Obi Cubana said he has “never felt so low in life” like he did when the NDLEA invited him recently.

The socialite also compared the NDLEA invitation to when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) detained him for four days last year over alleged money laundering and tax fraud. “In life, people must face certain challenges.

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