Bobrisky’s bedroom photo exposes his ‘balls’

Nigerian crossdresser, ldris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky has stirred mixed reactions with a nude photo of himself on Snapchat

Inquisitive Nigerians claim they saw his genitals after zooming into the crossdresser’s photo captioned: “She doesn’t stand up from bed for anything less than 5million daily”.

This came after Bobrisky complained about the persistent downpour of hate comments he gets on his Instagram.

According to Bobrisky, while he reckons that many people are filled with anger, poverty, and other unpleasant emotions, they should not bring their grievances on his Instagram page.

The outlandish socialite and Instagram celebrity asserted that not all mental health patients in the mental hospital are really mad and called on the examination of people who are on Instagram for their brains to be checked.

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