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Man who ‘found Jehovah’ walks into police station to confess to 2011 murder of prostitute because he couldn’t live with the guilt

A man from Florida walked into a police station this week and confessed to murdering a prostitute back in 2011, saying he has carried the guilt for nearly a decade and couldn’t keep it to himself any longer.

Benjamin Moulton showed up at the Manatee Police Department on Wednesday, September 29 and confessed to strangling a prostitute, Nicole Scott when he got angry nearly 10 years ago.

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Plane bursts into flames after making ‘loud bang’ on botched landing at UK airport

A near-tragedy was averted at East Midlands Airport on Thursday September 30, as a plane’s tyres burst into flames following a botched landing.

It was reported that the cargo carrier landed at East Midlands Airport after taking off from Leipzig in Germany earlier in the evening.

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