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World Bank asks Nigeria Govt to sign labour migration agreement

“We are here as partners supporters, choices are Nigeria’s sources and right now, Nigeria is at a critical point where the choices it makes within the next year or even the next few months are going to determine the next few decades,” he added

With most Nigerians planning to migrate from the country in search of greener pastures, the World Bank has called on the federal government to create a bilateral migration policy which would support legal migration of its citizens as a way to boost remittances and engender economic growth in the country.
Speaking at a webinar on ‘Nigeria: Perspectives on Labour Migration and Diaspora”, World Bank Economist, Samik Adhikari, urged Nigeria to sign bilateral migration agreement with countries in need of skills which migrants from Nigeria possess.
He explained that Nigeria could sign agreements with countries such as the United Kingdom which is in need of nurses, construction partnership with Germany and ICT partnership with other European countries and global partners.